A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves the removal of a tooth. While our primary goal is to preserve your teeth and other oral structures whenever possible, certain situations may necessitate tooth extraction as the most effective solution to restore oral health and functionality.

When You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Some of the conditions which may lead to the need for a tooth extraction include:

  • Advanced Periodontitis: In cases where severe gum disease has led to the destruction of the tooth’s supporting structures, extraction may be required to prevent further complications and promote better periodontal health.
  • Impacted Teeth: Sometimes, teeth fail to erupt properly, becoming impacted within the jawbone. In such instances, extraction is necessary to alleviate pain and prevent potential infections.
  • Preparation for Gum Procedures: Tooth extraction is often a preliminary step before certain periodontal treatments, such as gum grafting or dental implant placement, to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our experienced periodontist and our dedicated team prioritize your comfort and wellbeing during the tooth extraction process. We employ careful techniques to minimize discomfort and ensure a painless experience. Additionally, we provide comprehensive post-treatment care instructions to guide you in caring for your smile as it heals.

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