Ultrasonic scalers play an important role in providing you with nonsurgical periodontal treatments, working to effectively remove plaque and calculus from your teeth to eliminate harmful bacteria and improve your oral health. This advanced tool surpasses traditional scaling instruments in comfort and speed as well as in thoroughness. While you may feel slight vibrations during the process, rest assured that it is far from uncomfortable and does not necessitate any numbing anesthesia. Ultrasonic scalers are used in your initial scaling and root planing treatment, as well as during regular periodontal maintenance.

As you go about your daily life, plaque and food debris accumulate on your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing helps to remove them, but if left unaddressed for more than 24 hours the plaque will harden into dental calculus or tartar, a more stubborn substance that can only be effectively removed by dental professionals and which hosts the disease-causing bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease. This is where our ultrasonic scaler comes into play, allowing our periodontist to effectively clean your teeth and halt the disease in its tracks.

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