Digital X-rays play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and related conditions. Dr. William Strutz takes X-rays as part of your initial evaluation, ensuring that he is able to provide you with individualized, comprehensive care that improves your oral health.

One of the primary advantages of digital X-rays is their efficiency and speed. Unlike traditional film X-rays, digital X-rays produce instant results, allowing our periodontist to quickly assess a patient’s oral health status. This means less waiting time for patients and faster decision-making. The captured images can also be manipulated digitally to enhance specific areas of interest by adjusting contrast, brightness and zoom, aiding in the diagnosis of gum disease, bone loss and other issues to determine the severity of your condition and create treatment plans that will be effective in meeting your needs.

Additionally, the digital format of your X-rays allows for easy storage and retrieval of patient records. Dr. William Strutz can securely store X-ray images electronically, reducing the need for physical storage space and ensuring that patient data remains confidential. It also facilitates seamless sharing of images with other dental specialists or for referral purposes when necessary.

Digital X-rays are also highly safe for use. They produce significantly less radiation than film radiography — in fact, they produce less radiation than what you are exposed to by the sun in your day-to-day life — ensuring that your imaging experience and your time in our office is as safe as possible.

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