Bone grafting is a procedure offered to address issues related to insufficient jawbone density. This procedure becomes necessary when a patient’s jawbone lacks the necessary thickness or density to support dental implants or undergo specific types of treatment. At its core, a bone graft involves the transplantation of bone tissue from either the patient’s own body, artificial bone material, or bone fragments sourced from a tissue bank to the deficient jawbone area. This innovative technique is designed to create a more robust and stable foundation for dental procedures.

Typically, the best results are achieved when using the patient’s own bone tissue for the graft. However, in cases where this is not feasible, alternative materials can be employed with equally successful outcomes. The grafted bone tissue eventually fuses with the patient’s existing jawbone, facilitating regeneration and strengthening the area.

When You May Need Bone Grafting

Patients most commonly require bone grafts when planning for dental implant procedures. However, bone grafts may also be essential in specific periodontal therapies when bone loss has occurred due to gum disease. In such cases, the graft helps to restore the lost bone structure and promote better oral health.

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