Pocket reduction surgery, also known as periodontal flap surgery, is a procedure offered by Dr. William Strutz to treat advanced gum disease, or periodontitis. This surgical intervention is designed to address deep periodontal pockets that have formed around the teeth, which are a result of the progressive inflammation of the gum tissue and bone loss.

The main goal of pocket reduction surgery is to halt the progression of gum disease, prevent further damage to the supportive structures of the teeth and ultimately improve your oral health. During this procedure, our periodontist will carefully lift the gum tissue away from the teeth to access the underlying roots and bone. Once exposed, he can effectively clean the area, removing harmful bacteria, tartar and infected tissue. In some cases, the bone may require reshaping or regeneration to support the teeth properly.

The benefits of pocket reduction surgery extend beyond the immediate resolution of gum disease. Patients who undergo this procedure often experience improved gum health, reduced tooth sensitivity and a lowered risk of tooth loss. Moreover, the treatment can enhance the aesthetics of the smile by reducing pocket depth and minimizing the appearance of receding gums.

When you receive this procedure, our periodontist will provide you with local anesthesia to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. You will also be provided with post-op care instructions and regular appointments for periodontal maintenance will be scheduled to follow-up on your treatment and ensure that your gum disease stays under control.

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