Dr. William Strutz may recommend osseous surgery if you are suffering from periodontal disease. As the severity of gum disease escalates, it becomes imperative to address the deepening pockets that form between the teeth and the gums. When conventional methods such as deep cleanings and other periodontal treatments prove ineffective in reducing pocket depth, our experienced periodontist may advocate for osseous surgery. This surgical intervention is meticulously designed to rectify and reshape bone tissue that has undergone damage due to the adverse effects of periodontal disease. Additionally, it aims to create a shallower pocket, rendering it more challenging for harmful bacteria to thrive and perpetuate the condition.

The osseous surgery procedure begins with the administration of anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Our skilled periodontist then gently elevates the gum tissue, exposing the teeth and underlying bone. The root surface is thoroughly cleaned, and both the root and the surrounding bone are meticulously smoothed. Periodontitis often results in an uneven bone surface due to tissue destruction, and this meticulous smoothing and reshaping of the bone create an ideal environment for the regeneration of healthy tissue. Following these crucial steps, our experienced periodontist will trim the gum tissue to align it with the newly formed underlying structure, securely stitching it in place. In some instances, to facilitate tissue regeneration, we may recommend a bone graft or the application of a guided tissue regeneration membrane.

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