After you are diagnosed with gum disease, our periodontist will first discuss nonsurgical treatment options with you. Nonsurgical periodontal treatments are often an excellent option for milder stages of the disease, and can be highly effecting in halting the progression of gum disease before it becomes more severe and damaging. Dr. William Strutz offers several nonsurgical treatment options, including:

What to Expect During our Periodontal Disease Treatment Evaluation

During your consultation, our periodontist will review current oral health with you and discuss your treatment options so you can make an informed decision about the care you receive. Our goal is to design a treatment plan that will provide you with the most effective care possible so you can improve your oral and overall health.

Along with professional periodontal treatments, our periodontist will also discuss your at-home oral hygiene and ways that you can improve it in order to supplement the care you receive in our office and maximize your treatment results. Improved at-home oral hygiene will also help prevent the return and further spread of periodontal disease following your treatment, especially when combined with regular periodontal maintenance.

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