Here at the office of William C. Strutz, DDS, we believe that your oral health is an important facet of your general health, and that you cannot enjoy overall wellness without also maintaining excellent dental health. Our mission is to help each patient who visits our practice achieve optimal periodontal health, aesthetics and function. By providing quality periodontal health care through awareness, education and treatment in the most caring and comfortable manner possible, we can reach this goal and help you enjoy a healthy quality of life.

Dr. William Strutz requires complete and comprehensive information in order to have an accurate picture of your current health. His comprehensive periodontal protocol involves a thorough examination and evaluation to gain this understanding prior to discussing your options with you. We will then be able to make decisions together on a treatment plan that will help you achieve periodontal health and, eventually, complete dental health.

Please keep in mind that in order for our periodontist and team to help you, you will need to pursue treatment to achieve at least the minimum standards of oral health, as this will help us move forward together with you towards an acceptable level of oral and overall health.

Please contact us today at 913-268-0808 to learn more about periodontics in Shawnee, Kansas, and schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Strutz. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Contact us today to learn more about periodontal care and schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Strutz!

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