Periodontal disease is caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth which infect and inflame the gum tissues, eventually leading to the development of periodontal disease and affecting the health of your teeth, gums and supporting bone. Disinfectants play a vital role in eliminating and controlling the bacterial infections that contribute to the progression of gum disease.

The primary objective of using disinfectants in periodontal treatment is to eliminate or reduce the harmful bacteria present in the oral cavity. These bacteria, especially the ones associated with periodontal disease, can form plaque and tartar on teeth and irritate the gums, leading to inflammation and infection. Disinfectants, such as antimicrobial mouthwashes and gels, are employed to combat these bacteria effectively. These disinfectants reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and help control gum inflammation. Our periodontist may use a disinfectant in combination with other periodontal procedures, such as scaling and root planing, to maximize the results of your treatment. Dr. William Strutz will also continue to follow-up with you after your initial treatment is completed to monitor your progress and ensure that you maintain your long-term oral health.

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