Dr. William Strutz has developed a comprehensive periodontal protocol to ensure that you receive the care you need to enjoy better oral and overall health. This protocol includes a series of diagnostic procedures designed to help our periodontist understand your needs and provide you with an individualized treatment plan.

What To Expect
Being prepared for your appointment will ensure that Dr. Strutz has all the information necessary to provide your care. It will also help alleviate any anxiety you may be experiencing. We encourage you to use this page, as well as our website as a whole, as a resource in preparing for your visit.

Your initial visit to our practice consists of a complete evaluation and thorough clinical examination, as well as a review of your past medical and dental history. You will not be charged any fees for your initial exam or X-rays — they are designed to ensure that Dr. Strutz has the correct information to meet your needs.

Periodontal Evaluation
Our periodontist will begin by performing a through exam to evaluate your teeth and mouth. This involves taking measurements around each tooth to determine the depths of any periodontal pockets as well as measuring any gum recession, loosening of teeth, or other signs of periodontal disease. We will also discuss your dental and medical history during this evaluation.

Radiographs (X-Rays)
X-rays will then be taken to give our periodontist a detailed look at your teeth and supporting structures. This will help determine the severity of your gum disease and aid in treatment planning.

Post-Treatment Re-Evaluation
After you have completed your treatment plan, you will return for a re-evaluation so that our periodontist can assess your oral health post-treatment. This will include another exam, and our periodontist will also help you schedule your appointments for ongoing periodontal maintenance at this time.

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