If you have lost a tooth or your supporting bone structure has been affected by gum disease, our periodontist may recommend ridge preservation to help improve the strength of your jawbone structure. Ridge preservation plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of your supporting bone, ensuring that the surrounding tissues and adjacent teeth remain stable and healthy, and this treatment may be required before you can receive a dental implant.

When a tooth is lost or extracted, the empty socket can lead to bone loss over time. Without the stimulation provided by the tooth’s roots, the surrounding bone can start to resorb, or shrink, leading to a decrease in bone volume and density. This process can result in aesthetic concerns as well as functional issues, and may complicate future dental treatments.

Ridge preservation involves filling the empty socket with bone graft material immediately after tooth extraction. This graft material can be sourced from various places, including synthetic materials or the patient’s own bone. Once the graft is placed, the socket is sealed, promoting the regeneration and preservation of bone in that area. By preserving the ridge’s integrity, our periodontist can ensure that you have a solid foundation for future dental procedures.

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