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Reasons You May Need a Tooth Extracted

While permanent teeth were developed to last you your entire life, there are many reasons why having a tooth pulled may be required. If you are not certain whether you need to undergo an extraction, you can consult with our dentist, Dr. William Strutz, here in our Shawnee, KS, practice.

With this in mind, the most common reasons for tooth extractions involve a tooth that’s severely damaged from decay or trauma to be restored. Other reasons include the following:


When tooth damage or decay seeps into your pulp, your tooth’s inner part that contains the blood vessels and nerves, bacteria from your mouth could get into the pulp and cause an infection. In most cases, root canal treatment and antibiotics can treat this. Otherwise, an extraction might be required to prevent the infection from spreading further.


In certain cases, dentists decide to extract some teeth to prep the mouth for orthodontic treatment. The main objective of orthodontics is to align the teeth properly, which might be impossible if the teeth are too much or too large for the mouth. Additionally, if a tooth can’t erupt because the mouth doesn’t have any more space for it, tooth extraction may be inevitable.

Gum Disease

When periodontal or gum disease, which is an infection of surrounding bones and tissues that support your teeth, have resulted in loose teeth, an extraction might be needed.

Infection Risk

If you’re immuno-compromised, if you have HIV or are receiving treatment for cancer, for instance, even the possibility of infection in a specific tooth might necessitate the tooth’s extraction.

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